Vertical Garden

The Vertical Way ….

Green walls, Living walls, whatever you may call it, Vertical Gardens are the upscale and contemporary versions of garden planting. The plants are made to grow on a vertically suspended panel, thereby forming a statement piece of lush greenery. Vertical Gardens can be formed using a wide variety of plants including Ferns, Ficus, Rapens, Pilea, and the like. The prime advantage of vertical gardens is that they can have access to both interiors and exteriors of houses/buildings. We’d be happy to help you go vertical with your plants to flaunt some great greenery all over!

Balcony Styling

Blooming Balconies….

Empty balconies whether at apartments or houses are often dull and moody. Thanks to the idea of filling them up with plant-pots and everything green and attractive. Appropriate and aesthetic balcony management of modern-day does magic, paving the way to a cozy and comfortable space where you can relax and loosen yourself at. We offer you all quirky yet classy ideas to gift a vivid outlook to your balconies. So gear up for an ultimate balcony-makeover to life your moods!


Love for Landscapes….

The outdoor spaces of a home are undoubted an artistic extension of the very dwelling. Although landscaping is a potential idea employed along with house construction, the generous depth of experimenting has not yet been applied to this wing. Landscaping services are keenly crafted by us, from exquisite viewpoints and vivid selections. Our priorities are dependent on your needs, tastes and preferences, to offer you immense satisfaction at its finish line. Feel free to choose us for idealistic and creative landscape requirements.

Indoor Plant Decor

Indoor Intelligence….

Plants and small trees when employed in the interiors, contribute to a major source of freshness and positivity. Innovative interior improvements play a vital role in your consistent wellbeing. The creative incorporation of plant decor in the interiors does lead to an interesting encounter between the untamed nature and systematic architecture. The goal is to combine these different elements to form an absolute balance in the ambiance. Our interior management services featuring the use of pots and planters are devoted to organically stylizing your spaces.